Stay Tuned for Future Online Workshops w/ Catalina & Judith Johnson

Somatic Experiencing® Body, Beliefs, and Emotions.

We are excited to announce our next workshop will be an online venture.  Catalina Ureta and Judith Johnson have been leading online trainings for years and want to extend the opportunity to learn with them to a wider group.

There will be 2 days of experiential learning focused on body-based approaches to healing, exercises with the Vagus Nerve, plus discoveries in neuroscience that support those modalities.

You’ll have the option to join for one or both days.

Catalina Ureta and the Somatic Institute have ongoing workshops both in person and online, via Zoom webinars.  Contact Catalina if you are interested.  

2020 PNE Practitioner Training Program

This program is designed to train health professionals and others who wish to learn the specific techniques, theory, and practice of both PsychoNeuroEnergetics™ (PNE) and the Points Holding Process™ (PHP).  You get the combined wisdom of both methodologies. The program includes both experiential (hands-on) and didactic (theoretical) training.

Typical Two Day PNE Workshop Format

I’ve designed Workshops specifically to help you further heal your trauma in a small group setting.  It encompasses lectures, exercises and individual sessions.

The group exercises will build on the work you’ve already begun with me in your one-on-one energetic clearing, “points-holding” sessions.  The benefit to you will be to increase your understanding of clearing trauma from your body. My hope is that you will take a leap forward in your healing through the information I will be lecturing on and sharing with you in group exercises.

The exercises I’ve planned will help you understand the deeper aspects of how the nervous system and body is healed through the process.  I will give you exercises that you can do at home, in order to continue your healing on your own time schedule.

“A single brief exposure to an overwhelming event can throw a normally functioning individual into an abyss of emotional and physical suffering. Whether or not a person rebounds from this dark edge of near insanity or tumbles more deeply into the ‘Black Hole’ of trauma has been a mystery to modern psychiatry.  My work focuses on the brain stem and it’s survival-based functions.”


Saturday  Morning
Lecture on Trauma Resolution, Conscious and Unconscious Trauma, Behavioral Trauma, Emotional Trauma
Scale of Emotions, Understanding How the Body Harms Itself, Somatic Exercise
Word Patterns

Saturday Afternoon
Individual sessions & group sessions and group connections

Sunday Morning
Lecture on: disassociation, symptoms of trauma, destructive behavior, how do we heal

Sunday Afternoon
Individual sessions & group sessions and group connections

I hope you can join us in this special time.  Please RSVP by filling out the form below.

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    Workshop Dec 2019
    Please join us Dec. 15 – 16, 2019 in Los Angeles. This workshop will be an introduction to Somatic Experiencing┬«, one of the very few public workshops with Dr. Levine. This is going to be a powerful weekend. If you are interested in learning more about this remarkable work from Dr. Levine himself, sign up soon as space is limited.  Students earn Continuing Education Credits.
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