Points Holding Process

What is the Points Holding Process (PHP)?

Events happen in life that may seem trivial to others but are traumatic to us. They take us out of our natural way of being and leave behind a host of unexpressed emotions and sensations that are too overwhelming to feel. These unprocessed emotions then become locked in the energetic centers of the body and, if not released, can result in physical stress, organ malfunction, chronic physical ailments, serious disease as well as emotional distress, disruptive behavior patterns, phobias and mental illness. When these events are re-experienced in the safety of your own private session, you release blocked emotions at a cellular level, become conscious of limiting thoughts and are able to express messages you wanted to say but could not at the time.

Each session, which takes between one to two hours, creates the environment for accelerated evolution. You will be able to better understand the mind/body relationship including emotional blockages and genetic linking to the DNA.

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